How ready rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) Dill

The doctor often consider the following to be :

۱) Your medical history: The most important question to ask your doctor about surgery, and drive you to your goal of surgery. Questions about your health status, including a history of nasal obstruction, previous surgeries and medications used to be asked. If you have a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, you are a good candidate for surgery.

۲) Physical examination: Skin, inside and outside of your nose checked. Physical examination to detect deformities, measures and Tasyrastrakchr your nose ]For example, the thickness of the skin, cartilage strength of inferior[ Surgical outcomes helps . Physical examination is necessary to determine the effect of Brtnfs surgery. Sometimes, the surgeon may recommend surgery to make the chin. You will be asked a series of blood tests.

۳) Photography: The photographic series of projections at different angles is done. The photography to compare before and after surgery, during surgery and long-term assessment results are used. Using telephoto can be more carefully studied details of injuries.

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