Breast Prostheses

⭕Jrahy breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery around the world and a lot of satisfaction associated with operating results . Those who do breast augmentation can obtain more satisfied with the treatment and the nature of their women and do not recommend it strongly to others.

❓Afrad for breast augmentation Who are they?

🔥- Those who have small breasts and want larger breasts
🔥- Those who want asymmetry and difference size difference between the two breast reform.
🔥- Slim breast feeding or those who work for them are small and loose.

❓Chh who is better not to do breast augmentation surgery?

🔥- Those who have serious medical illness.
🔥- Assumptions and expectations of those who are unusual and unrealistic surgery.
🔥- Family history of breast cancer in those who strongly severe grade 1 and 2. Due to the possible interference of prosthesis in mammography (Chest X-ray) It is better not to do this, Gchh scientifically proven in various studies implants affect mammography with specific methods will not cause.
❓Ml breast augmentation can be done at what age?
🔥محدوده سنی وجود ندارد.از زمانی كه بلوغ سینه كامل شده باشد این عمل قابل انجام است.هم چنین در سنین بالا و در سنین بعد از یائسگی مشكلی ایجاد نمی كند ولی بیشترین متقاضیان عمل بزرگ کردن سینه بین ۲۰ تا ۴۰ سال می باشند.

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