Various features of breast implants


There breast implants for breast augmentation in different sizes. You choose the right size to ensure the success and long-term durability breast prosthesis is very important. The surgeon will help you to choose the best size to achieve their beauty goals.


Prosthetic form you choose, you depend primarily aesthetic purposes. Some forms are rounded breasts. Forms of breast implants is as below:

Round breast implants

Often a round implant, even more of a drop-shaped implants for breast implants are considered to be the most natural choice, create a normal breast. Prosthetics round to the gravity of the Earth and the natural to the chest, particularly when women who have had surgery breast implants done, lying there; Prosthetics round, like breasts naturally, the more natural the corner dragged and prosthetic state natural take.

Breast prostheses drop shape

Patients who seek breast implants to form the anatomy of the breast and low rise and natural breasts are usually removable drip shape due to its special shape at the bottom of the breasts fuller and gradually to the top of the breast volume is reduced and completely Shaybah natural form choose to breast. Breast prostheses drop-shaped natural bust line increases and often after surgery, to shape the prosthesis, need to have a massage.


Breast Prostheses breast contours of the body refers to the distance. Prostheses that have the same size, can according to her boss, give a different look to the chest bumps that typically includes low, medium, high and very high prominence is. The best choice depends on the prominence of breast surgery, breast implants in the body and beauty goals that you've specified for your surgeon, is.

Breast Prostheses of different sizes from 120 cc to 800 cc are available. By examining the different sizes can decide the appropriate size larger or smaller breast implants. Your choice, allowing you to provide Parvizian doctor to schedule your breast augmentation are more accurate planning.

Interior materials

There are two options approved for breast implants: Silicone gel and saline. Although both drugs have been approved by Health Canada, but each has distinct features and benefits is different.

Silicon Prosthesis

کیفیت منحصر به فرد پروتزهای سیلیکونی برای بزرگ کردن سینه، باعث شده است که امروزه انتخاب بیماران در کشورهایی باشد که هر دو نوع سیلیکونی و سرم نمکی به طور گسترده‌ای در دسترس است. Silicone implants in a range of stiffness (From very soft to hard) Are available. So you can choose the option you prefer. The integrated and compact silicon, silicon prosthesis problems has become.

Saline (Saline)

Some patients prefer the look and feel of saline implants. This sample includes a silicone shell is placed in the chest and then through a valve, with sterile saline (Brine) Filled. Shell implant size and the amount of saline solution is used to fill it, is what determines the final appearance and the softness of the breast.

Manufacturing resinous

Most types of breast implants that their popularity among patients is growing, cohesive gel implants are among the prostheses known resinous. این پروتزها، این قابلیت را به پروتز سینه می‌دهند که شکل خود را حفظ نمایند و در صورت پاره شدن، محتوایتشان بیرون نریزد. علاوه بر جلوگیری از نشتی محتویاتشان هنگام پارگی پروتز، به دلیل استحکام بالایشان، احتمال پاره شدنشان در مرحله اول کم است. لازم به یادآوری است که منظور از استحکام، خشک و سفت بودن پروتز نیست. پروتزهای سینه صمغی، اغلب نرم بوده و حس بافت خود سینه را ایجاد می‌کنند و حس طبیعی به آن می‌بخشند.


ساختار پروتز سینه می‌تواند بدون بافت و صاف و یا دارای بافت‌ باشد. بافت پروتز برای جلوگیری از جابجایی و به منظور کاهش میزان انقباض کپسولی طراحی شده است، اما برای هر نوع ساختار بدن توصیه نمی‌شود.

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