Care after surgery

After rhinoplasty surgery (nose surgery) Your bed should be placed so that the upper body than lower body is higher, but not to bend the neck to reduce bleeding and swelling..

✅Gaz the nose is often a daily intranasal. If the tip of the nose due to high inflation undergo discoloration should immediately release adhesives to know. A brief plasma discharge is normal in the first few days after surgery.. Postoperative a piece of gauze to absorb the discharge to be labeled under the nose on your lips. The gas should not have contact with your nose. To reduce swelling and bleeding must perform the following actions:

✅72 hours of operation frequently apply cold compresses.
✅72 hours of lowest pressure exerted Brshma.

✅Dr first 72 hours of not bathing.
✅Bd 72 hours should include body wash and hair wash without getting wet face.
✅ در روزی که قرار است جهت برداشتن آتل و چسب به پزشک خود مراجعه کنید ۳-۲ ساعت قبل از مراجعه به پزشک، استحمام کرده صورت خود را با احتیاط، بدون اینکه به بینی فشاری وارد شود بشوئید.
Avoid strenuous activity ✅. Activities include heavy exercise, swimming, sauna, moving heavy objects and sexual arousal are. Avoid these activities for 8-6 weeks is recommended Habh

✅ to prevent constipation, diet rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables to eat soft cooked. Constipation causes pressure, increased swelling and bleeding.
✅ severe facial movements such as smiling and eating solid foods to avoid.
Avoid lip brush slowly and from a sharp move ✅Bh.

✅Lbas of clothing which is required to pull the front of the head is not.
✅ from the use of any glasses for 6-4 months not.

✅Az 50-40 SPF sunscreen use to prevent skin discoloration.
✅Tghyyr tint and bruising and swelling of the eyelids and under the eyes of these areas there for 3-2 weeks after surgery. Inflation projections for at least 1 year, and in the meantime relieve the swelling in different areas for the same swelling does not, therefore, may be due to differences swelling of the skin around feel bumps or dents that with the disappearance of swelling in the state resolves.
One should limit salt intake to decrease faster ✅Bray. To reduce the uniform you must avoid two months of Sleeping on your side.
✅Hdvd 3-2 months due to swelling of the mucous membranes, breathing through the nose difficult to gradually corrected.
✅Dr this time there is a smell disorder.
✅Ahtmal abnormal skin sensation to the nose tip of the nose that gradually resolves.
✅Hdaql up to a year after surgery should refrain from any further surgery.


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