Cosmetic surgery for bold (raise) Eye

To create beautiful eyes according to aesthetic principles, should be proportional to the size and shape of the eyes.. In some cases the eyes can eyelids by removing excess skin on the eyelids or adding China had large. This is a misconception that large eyes Eyelid surgery can be achieved easily. Cosmetic surgery eye on the actual operation, which can take you to the desired size for the beauty of his eyes.. However, sometimes to complete the surgery Blepharoplasty Eyelid surgery is used or.

Kanta epigenetic plasticity

Fold the inner corner of the eyes or wrinkles epithelial Cantal (A fold of skin on the upper eyelid to the inner corner of the eye is covered), Sharp. Kanta epigenetic plasticity to remove folds or wrinkles, and thus the inner corner of the eye recovery epithelial done Cantal. Eight to nine percent of patients with epithelial Fold Cantal, Eyelid surgery is also done. If patients with epithelial fold eyelid surgery Cantal do without epigenetic plasticity Kanta, very round eyes look as sharp internal curved lines still exist two short Pelkeh. Eyelid surgery epithelial cell plasticity Kanta usually for cosmetic surgery done big eyes. Despite Fold epithelial Cantal, two new lids will not lose their form.


Kanta epigenetic plasticity identified a weak point of postoperative surgical wound. Today, using new methods such as Ankanta excellent plasticizer or without stretching scars resulting from surgery and appears less clear. The important thing is that the patient should not be molded postoperative epithelial Kanta pressure on the surgical site (Such as makeup or makeup remover) Import, because it may cause permanent damage nearby tissues and stay surgical wounds and detrimental effects gets stitches . Up to three to four months after surgery scar visible red and epigenetic plasticity Kanta but after nine months the situation will improve.

Whether or not a patient is in need of epithelial Kanta plastic surgery depends on the patient's eye view. If you Cantal adverse impact on China Normal epithelial fold eyelid in the middle of the eyelids or the nose is highly recommended epigenetic plasticity Kanta. Alternatively, clinical traction on the eyelid near the nose and improve the appearance and enhance the beauty of the eye lids China. Both the patient and the surgeon can see the shape of the eye with or without epinephrine Kanta plasticizer. If the diagnosis and surgery, the risk of epithelial results Kanta plasticizer-free stretch is very poor.

Kanta molded parts

Kanta process molded components for the big ears and the outer corner of the eye. Or lateral curvature of the outer eyes on the beauty of the eyes affect. When as compared with larger eyes, big eyes, creating a fit between the face and eyes. This increase may be a little too subtle and (Two to three millimeters) It is however has a devastating effect on the overall appearance. The ideal size of a slight curvature to the inside of the eye include eye. For ladies to corner with two to four millimeters above the inner corner of the eye is projected. Men outer and inner corners of the eyes should be on the same level or outer corner of one to two millimeters higher.


In addition, the whites of the eyes is an important factor in women's looks. In general, the whites of the eyes on the outside than the inside of the eye is, the more beautiful it seems. For women, a slight increase in the white of the eye's outer edges further enhancing the appearance of the. So Kanta molded parts just to reduce sharp corners of the eye and creates a feminine appearance.

Possible side effects

Red inner corner of the eye, the most common complication during the postoperative recovery is a beautiful big eyes. Instead of remaining stitches (Oscar) Also not uncommon, but it can be improved with steroid injection. Other possible effects of inflammation in the outer corner of the eye after surgery.


Inflammation within a month longer to heal, but scars remain red. In the case of inflammation on the outer half- Two weeks disappears and normal appearance after a month or two will be seen.


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