Breast Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation way to enlarge your breasts is the desired size. One of the ways breast augmentation, taking advantage of the prosthesis, using silicone implants or saline implants, the patient's breasts are more rounded and more interesting to find form. Breast Augmentation means making a new breast or Breast Lift is not. During this operation, only the larger breast size

What procedures for breast augmentation with implants there?

With the technological advances of the past decade, the possibility of enlarging breasts that look and feel like natural breasts has been realized more than before. For this purpose, there are many options that you can talk about them with your surgeon. Your choices are a number of factors including your beauty goals, the elasticity and elasticity of your skin and your body depends on the type of structure. Parvizian doctor spend enough time with all the required information you will provide. In some cases, they may blending action Breast Lift You recommend with breast implants.

Benefits of Breast Implant Surgery

Many causes for breast augmentation is surgery decision. Whether you want to enlarge your breast size and whether you want to fix your breast asymmetry or the disabled, Parvizian doctor can help you reach your goal.

Breast implant surgery can help resolve issues:

  • Breast-feeding after breast size is missing
  • Breast size is missing after the sudden and dramatic weight loss
  • The size of breasts lost due to aging
  • Asymmetric breasts or bad form
  • For breast implants after breast removal surgery

Applicants for Breast Implant Surgery

Parvizian doctor during a consultation for breast augmentation, breast implant surgery complete your goal is clear. How do you change surgery and the surgical procedure applies to your life, you have a realistic expectation of utmost importance. Immediately after the decision to perform surgery, breast implants, breast implants in order to determine whether surgery is right for you, your medical history and current health status will be reviewed.

Breast enlargement surgery is appropriate applicants, include:

  • Good physical health and their weight is ideally close to the weight.
  • During pregnancy or lactation are not.
  • They have their full breast growth.
  • Breasts have enough normal tissue, which can cover prostheses.
  • Breast cancer or tumors in their breasts do not.
  • Autoimmune abnormalities not.
  • Saline implants for planting (Salt solution)At least 18 years for planting the silicon implants, have at least 22 years.

Place cut

The incision for breast augmentation is a personal choice that can depend on the size and type of implant you choose. There are 3 options for incision:

  • Cut away the aura chest: This cutting edge along the bottom of the areola (Halo around the nipples) Created.
  • China cut the breast: The small horizontal incision at the base of the breast, just above China and the junction of the breast to the chest wall caused. The incision for breast augmentation is the most common point.
  • Incision in the armpit: Sometimes patients are concerned about scarring visible on your breasts, cut in the armpit area prefer. This technique does not allow the surgeon during the procedure, have a direct view of the prosthesis envelope.

In all cases, the surgical incisions are very small and light. Any scars fade gradually and will be barely visible.

What is breast augmentation procedure?

دکتر پرویزیان عمل جراحی بزرگ کردن سینه را با استفاده از بی‌هوشی عمومی انجام می‌دهد، به این معنی که شما در طی عمل در خواب خواهید بود. The operation to create the smallest possible cut in the location of your choice (In consultation) begins. The next step is to create a small space envelope in the name of the surgeon implants put into it. For this purpose, there are two broad options:

  • Behind the breast glandular tissue : Place the envelope, the glandular tissue of the breast and chest muscle. This option is usually associated with shorter recovery time. Patients who have very little breast tissue, may be good candidates for this option, because it is difficult camouflage prosthesis edge.
  • Under the pectoral muscles: You may choose the surgeon, implant under the chest muscle you. Recovery time and recovery time is a little longer after the surgery, but many patients prefer the look and feel of the prosthesis behind the muscle. The location chosen for patients who also have chosen an anatomical prosthesis. Because there is less likely to rotate it.

After placing breast implants and ensure that they are symmetrical breasts, the surgeon makes the incision with stitches absorption (That does not need to drag) Close. Even if you practice only takes about an hour, expect that breast surgeries per day, 3 hours to complete the process.

After treatment

After surgery, breast implants, there is some initial swelling usually goes away within a few days, but inflation remains may disappear after a few weeks to a month. برای پیگیری درمان در طی چند روز بعد از عمل، باید دوباره مراجعه کنید که این زمان بسیار خوبی برای پاسخ به هرگونه سؤال شما خواهد بود. We gladly welcome the call or visit your presence in the office.

Applicants breast augmentation can often normal daily activities such as driving, showering, cooking or shopping within 1 to 2 days after your operation to resume. Expect that to 3 or 4 days off from work (Depending on the physical nature of your job) Need. For some patients, wearing a surgical brassiere would be useful for a short period after surgery.

Of intense activity for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery and breast implants avoided for at least 1 month, more careful to take care of your breasts. You can lower body exercises 2 to 3 weeks after the operation began, but the upper body exercises for at least 6 weeks Avoid.


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