Sneezing after nose surgery

Do you worry about sneezing and coughing after surgery are thought to damage your surgery?
Involuntary sneezing and coughing that sometimes things happen that after intense nose and nasal tract sensitization may be disturbing to you,

What is the cause sneezing?

Vvvch or Chvvvvv sound familiar if irritants such as dust or germs or anything small fine to the inside of the nose penetration of a reaction and the natural reflex of the body that the air pressure from the breast ducts, nose and mouth guide makes the case that your breast is compressed and pushes tongue to the roof of the mouth and breathe out guide.
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania sneezing see that this is a reset his nose with his environment and adapting to reset the.

A way to stop sneezing

What you have done your nose surgery or not. You may want to get less prone to sneeze, sneeze misbehave because in some quarters, especially if the paper is not used


A very special way to stop sneezing

- slowly and without pain in the tip of your nose and try to pull out the stops you sneeze
– حس می کنید عطسه ای دارد می آید ، با دستمال به بینی خود ضربه وارد کنید چون باعث می شود مواردی که باعث بوجود آمدن عطسه در سینوس های شما شوند از بین می روند یا اثرشان کم می شود.
– لب بالای خود را با دو انگشت سبابه و انگشت شصت بگیری و فشار دهید به سمت سوراخ های بینی تا دو انگشت به سمت سوراخ ها بروند و کمی به سمت بالا لبتان جمع شود.
- use of language, behind the two front teeth and gums near the ceiling with his teeth Qlqk there is a button to be removed.
- between his eyebrows pinch a fold : Perhaps you have a headache is when your fingers between his eyebrows press this sensitive area and to the extent appropriate and efficient to avoid the sneezing
In general, if you stay away from the allergen is very effective
- The use of antihistamines that are effective to prevent coughing and sneezing and runny nose, itchy eyes and .. Are Cetirizine and Loratadine side effects are drowsiness, Benadryl (benadryl) Hypnotic Klarytyn (Claritin) Better and lower sides.
- Keep windows and doors closed to maintain Stable and balanced
- showering and changing clothes out to stay away from pollution and pollen out.

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