Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

1. Is Botox injections is the age limit?
However, it is not injected at an early age not normally be significant unless the person folds after puberty.

2. Is too deep folds can be resolved with the help of Botox?
The chains may only be resolved with Botox injections. In these cases, the period of time after the injection, the person goes to the doctor again if necessary to use other treatment strategies.

3. Is it possible that when Botox is injected into the vessels and the bloodstream and cause systemic side effects?

Yes. That's why doctors should be careful that Botox be injected only into the muscle. Of course, if the substance does not enter the bloodstream may cause severe symptoms because its value is very low.. However, if sensitive areas of the body through the blood to be moved, will be problematic.

4. Do not use Botox reduces the effect of long-term or permanent paralysis is muscle?
Botox paralyzes the muscle did not result in a permanent. After several injections just might, be resistant to Botox. The Botox effect will be fewer and shorter.

5. Have a massage and manipulate the injection site is allowed?
No. This may cause the Botox to adjacent muscles and cause problems.

6. Why do some bruising and swelling after Botox injections are experiencing?
In most cases, bruising and swelling occur. Only sometimes may be due to rupture of a small blood vessel during injection caused some bruising, which disappears after 2 to 3 days.

7. Do not mix the gel and injections of Botox and simultaneously correct?
No. The material properties and materials are different and should be administered separately.

8. What caused the infection to be treated and how?
Any injection of non-pasteurized If done, it can cause infection.. Among the symptoms of this condition include a hot place, abscess and discharge it noted. Infection is treated with antibiotics. If the abscess is caused to be removed. Note that if this condition is left untreated scars may cause permanent skin.

9. Is Botox injections in the underarm area to remove excess perspiration creates disposal problems?
No. People who suffer from excessive sweating are usually two ways to sweat, so unusual sweating with Botox injections only way to limit the other way remains. On the other hand, the effect of Botox is temporary and does not cut sweating forever.

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