Treatment drooping nasal tip

نکته ظریفی که تشخیص آن در جراحی زیبایی بینی از اهمیت بسیار زیادی برخوردار است، ارزیابی دقیق افتادگی بینی بعد از عمل و قبل از عمل بیمار و تفاوت قائل شدن بین افتادگی نوک بینی و تورفتگی سوراخ‌های بینی است. زیرا بینی افرادی که تورفتگی سوراخ بینی دارند نیز ممکن است در ظاهر خیلی بلند به نظر برسد، اما در عمل این افراد افتادگی واقعی نوک بینی ندارند. If a long nose because it septum, the cartilage it may be near the end of it was a little short. On the other hand, in patients who have drooping nasal tip cartilages and this drop is due to the high side (Not septum) Their nose, the cartilage needs to be modified slightly shorter and position them to be projected upward angle. اگر هم افتادگی نوک بینی ناشی از عدم حمایت از قسمت میانی نوک بینی به خاطر ضعیف بودن غضروف‌های نوک بینی باشد، ممکن است برای اصلاح آن لازم باشد که یک عمل پیوند غضروف انجام شود که به آن اصطلاحاً “تقویت کلوملا” گفته می‌شود. Lowering the septal muscle (Depressor septi) In a drooping tip is very important. If the drooping tip of the nose because of this muscle is long, part of it should be cut off. به همین علت است که پزشک قبل از شروع به انجام عمل بینی حتماً از بیمار می‌خواهد بخندد تا بتواند نحوه حرکت رو به پایین نوک بینی را ارزیابی کند و نقش عضله پایین آورنده تیغه میانی را تعیین نماید. Remedy the situation by strengthening the muscles and cartilage of the nasal tip support which could improve the patient's ability to breathe and performance improvements have affected his respiratory tract. In order to further improve and beautify the tip of the nose may need some kind cartilage transplants such as cartilage lining of the nose, tip of the nose, nasal septum or other nasal tip cartilages area is. In addition to everything mentioned above, one other very important point is raising the membranous septum. If the septum membrane is not raised properly, patients may experience drooping nasal tip is in the future. To reform the disability and raising the tip of the nose may also open surgery and nose surgery through internal cutting (Endonasal) be done. Choose a surgical procedure and the patient's condition and comfort surgeon experience in working with a particular method depends. Nose surgery must be performed before the nose, the drooping tip, the angle of the lower part of the nose, lips (angle nạzwlạbyạl) And the angle of the nose to the forehead. (Angle Nazvfrantal) Carefully measured. All this beauty and influence the final form of the nose and the proportion between them should be considered the correct drooping nasal tip. In addition, the fix will affect drooping tip of the nose on the nose. In many cases drooping tip of the nose with the tip of inadequate relief (Bruise) is.


  1. The lower part of the nasal septum (Caudal septum):

    If disability and long term projections for the sake of being near the end of the septum should be corrected first cut here. Cutting caudal septum can be done in different ways. To rotate the nose upward to the anterior (Front) The short blade. But the posterior (Rear) The blade is usually short, because this could weaken support cartilage of the nose and drooping nasal tip again in the future. By shortening the part of the blade, tip of the nose and then moves upward Klvml.

  2. Correction of nasal tip:

    Lateral cartilages in the lower part of the nose (Alar cartilages) In fact the tip of the nose shape, from a central stem (Middle arm Klvml) And a side arm (Which forms the tip of the nose wings) Composed. In people with disability have been expected, the intermediate arm is usually weak and not enough support from tip of nose to action. This is usually due to weakness and softness over the cartilage and separate it from adjacent tissues. To correct the problem, usually a cartilage tissue Klvml instead of the arm between the weak, grafted. For this purpose, a cartilage graft in a hole in the middle of the middle arm placed Klvml. If lowering hyperactive muscle drooping nasal tip to be involved in the nasal septum, cuts in it, or part of it is removed. If the bumps tip of the nose is too low, it may also Klvml cartilage graft, a cartilage graft also need to increase nasal tip projection. These grafts are usually taken from the nasal septum cartilage. To highlight the nasal tip cartilage grafts may be needed one or even several. In addition, more support for the correction of nose and cartilage it may be time to sutures inside the nostrils (Interdomal) Sutures and blades lateral side of the nose (Transdomal) Need. There may also be changes in the shape of the alar cartilage lateral arm or part of the short to find a better nose. Short arm side can go up and fix the drooping tip of the nose. البته حداقل ۶ تا ۷ میلی‌متر از بازوی جانبی این غضروف باید حتماً حفظ شود تا از انقباض دریچه خارجی بینی و مسدود شدن مسیر عبور هوا به بینی جلوگیری شود. In cases where the cartilage components in the lower part of the nose is too weak and loose, they may need a cartilage graft to the side arms of cartilage grafted to it more support and also the cartilage components are modified to form the nasal tip corrected. Lateral cartilage can bulge Pyazyshkl (Kvfthay) Remove the cartilage and smooth and angled it off in improved form will have a huge impact tip.


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