Reconstructive nose surgery

Dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose or breathing problems after surgery, major reasons for Rhinoplasty Are
This type of bit is important and elegance that is more difficult as well, because after primary surgery nasal tissues and changes the value more rigid and the surgeon should carefully over the wound previous have the scars previous to solve.
According to the doctor Rhinoplasty
Note Always prevention is better than cure, in doctor surgeon careful to less need for reconstructive surgery comes and finally if need Jarhy reconstructive created the system and the sensitivity of such initial surgery and Photos and tests done.

Necessary measures to recover from surgery nose

As I said, you need to shoot like the first rhinoplasty, nasal and sinus CT scan is . Endoscopic sinus and respiratory disorders may also be necessary to review. عزیزان اگر جراح بینی ترمیمی که انتخاب کردید با جراح اولیه خود یکی نمی باشد باید تمامی عکس های قبل از بینی را حتما در اختیار ایشان قرار دهید تا بررسی ها دقیق باشد.
If you require anesthesia for reconstructive surgery should do a full routine tests.
Anesthesia in rhinoplasty
If you have problems with your nose mild coordination only performed under local anesthesia, but if the amendment is more intense is sure to doctor anesthesia to general anesthesia. This is better because the necessary changes, such as adding nostrils or eliminate bumps and .. More easily enforceable and manageable.

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