Reconstructive surgery and breast implants

Knowledge about reconstruction and breast implants

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, about 11 percent of women are affected. در مورد زنانی که مجبور می‌شوند جراحی ماستکتومی یا برداشتن سینه را انجام دهند، انجام جراحی بازسازی سینه نه تنها موجب بازیابی زیبایی ظاهری و اعتماد به نفس بیمار می‌شود بلکه ثابت شده‌است که درصد موفقیت درمان و بهبودی بیماران را نیز افزایش می‌دهد. Breast reconstruction after removal of the breast cancer helps patients to fully overcome its.

90% of patients who have already performed surgery to remove the breast, breast reconstruction surgery will not do, just because they do not know there is such a possibility for them.

What reconstructive surgery?

In general reconstruction surgery, Surgery that used for the reconstruction of form or organ function caused by birth defects, injury or disease, defect or disorder has been. The aim of the reconstruction is surgery to help patients both in terms of performance and in terms of the apparent return to normal.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that women are affected. Breast cancer has several types, each of which has its own treatment methods. For some women may only lumpectomy surgery (Tumor resection alone) Be done, but on the other it is necessary that the entire breast tissue is removed (Mastectomy). After this surgery, breast reconstruction surgery can be performed. برخی از زنان نیز هستند که دارای سوابق خانوادگی در ابتلا به سرطان سینه هستند و یا دارای جهش ژنتیکی BRCA هستند که در این صورت ریسک بالایی برای ابتلا به سطان سینه دارند و از این رو ممکن است تصمیم بگیرند که سینه‌های خود را بردارند (Preventive Mastectomy) To minimize your risk of breast cancer.


Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy

Doctor Parvizian For women who all, or part of your breasts removed, breast reconstruction surgery offer. فرم دادن دوباره به سینه‌ها و بازسازی آن‌ها بعد از جراحی برداشتن غده‌ی سرطانی در سینه، کاری شایع است و امروزه متدها و روش‌های جدید یا بهبود یافته‌ای برای انجام این جراحی وجود دارد.

What mastectomy (Complete removal of the breast) Or lumpectomy surgery (Picking up a small part of the breast) You're done, do breast reconstruction surgery can help you not only shape and form of your breasts, but also to regain confidence. Breast reconstruction surgery following benefits for women:

  1. Having a perfectly symmetrical appearance in the chest, especially when wearing a swimsuit or Bra
  2. An opportunity to regain previous form of gynecomastia
  3. Avoid the use of prosthetic or other external devices for implantation in Bra.


When breast reconstruction surgery can be done?

Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy can be immediately (Immediate breast reconstruction) Or sometime after mastectomy (Delayed reconstruction) Did. معمولا برای زنانی که لازم است بلافاصله بعد از ماستکتومی، پرتو درمانی شوند، جراحی بازسازی سینه به صورت تاخیری انجام می‌شود، چرا که پرتودرمانی می‌تواند موجب شود که زخم جراحی با تاخیر زیادی خوب شود و جای آن روی پوست باقی بماند. There are also other things that are important to determine the time of reconstruction, including:

  1. Your health
  2. Type and stage of cancer progression, you
  3. The extra tissue suitable for transplant in other areas of your body, very thin women who may not have adequate soft tissue for grafting to the breast
  4. The type of surgery you are going to do
  5. Breast Implant size or size to prominence for breast reconstruction

Some women prefer as long as they continue to struggle with breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery will not do. If you think you have such a situation, the best thing to do is to complete the full treatment of breast cancer and cancer surgery wait.

Hrchhqdr that you did before surgery, breast reconstruction, breast reconstruction more information about the methods and ways you can approach this surgery do better and more realistic expectations of your surgery. The best thing is that at the time of consultation with a doctor Parvizian all questions or concerns not addressed in this case with them..

Terms expected after breast reconstruction surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery, a surgeon is very important and valuable that your breasts after mastectomy recovery form is. According to the results of the surgical technique used and each patient's circumstances. But some things you should know about the results of the surgery.

  1. Breast reconstruction to make you feel like you do not have the healthy breast and previous.
  2. You always want to have a surgical scar on his chest, what you have done and what mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery
  3. In case of breast reconstruction using tissue graft for use in transplantation is a surgical scar remains. Of course, these places are mostly in areas that are less visible, such as the waist, between the thighs and lower abdomen.
  4. If only one breast is removed, the breast reconstruction surgery, it is returned again form. But in this case it is possible to create symmetry between the two breasts, decide Surgery Breast Lift، Breast Or Breast Augmentation To do chest side.

In the case of breast reconstruction surgery, each patient conditions and demands its own. In consultation with Doctor Parvizian, Plastic surgery and beauty, you can learn about different surgical methods necessary information and the opportunity to ask questions and find answers for them. You may well find that during this session how breast reconstruction surgery can help you only find no escape from the clutches of cancer but also to continue their normal life as before.

Reconstruction nipples form

After the general form of breast restored, patients can choose to reconstruct the nipple and the halo around it. This surgery is usually performed sometime after the reconstruction of the breast form. It is necessary to reconstruct the nipple, breast tissue breast reconstruction after initial surgery, is fully recovered. نوک سینه معمولا با استفاده از بافت خود سینه بازسازی می‌شود، که به دور خود جمع می‌شود تا به شکل یک برآمدگی بافتی کوچک در بیاید. Usually from a skin graft to reconstruct the halo nipples or a tattoo or a combination of both will be used to.

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