Types of breast reconstruction surgery

There are several different ways to perform breast reconstruction surgery. در روش اول از پروتز سینه استفاده می‌شود و در روش دوم از پیوند بافتی از پوست، چربی و حتی ماهیچه‌های خود شما استفاده می‌شود که از شکم، کمر یا ناحیه دیگری از بدن برداشته می‌شود. In some cases, the combination of these two methods may also be used.


Many different prostheses for breast reconstruction surgery are. There are also several methods for surgical implantation, including:

  1. A step Or method of immediate breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy is performed. In this case, doctors should be well fixed prosthesis in place to support the. برخلاف اتساع‌دهنده‌های بافتی قدیمی یا tissue expanders ، انواع جدیدی از این پروتز‌ها وجود دارند که می‌توان آن را در محل باقی گذاشت و سپس آن را پر کرد و دیگر نیازی به جراحی مجدد و خارج کردن آن‌ها نیست. In this method as an alternative Alloderm muscle around the implant is used to cover. (Tissue expansion is an empty prosthesis is gradually filling up and filling in the gradual enlargement, skin and muscles angina are also open here)
  2. Two-step Or delayed breast reconstruction technique that is often used. در این روش از یک اتساع دهنده‌ی بافتی استفاده می‌شود که کمک می‌کند بافت پوست و عضلات سینه، جا باز کنند و سپس در ادامه این پروتز موقت طی جراحی دوم، برداشته می‌شود و به جای آن یک پروتز سینه قرار می‌گیرد.

Tissue transplant rejection

Women who have excess skin and fat in your body enough to be able to perform breast reconstruction using their own tissue. Use the links on the breast skin to its previous state (Before surgical removal of the breast) Return. There are several different ways to get skin grafts, including:

  • Breast reconstruction with TRAM Flap : The skin graft is taken from the abdominal cavity and the abdominal skin and muscles of the abdominal right breast removed and transferred. Use this method to visually quite similar and symmetrical breasts are. The use of abdominal muscles Erector, risks associated, including abdominal hernia, a bulge of tissue and weakness in the abdominal area. In addition, this method requires recovery time is very long.

  • DIEP flap breast reconstruction method : This method is actually another type of TRAM method, but this method is right abdominal muscle is not the only skin and fat removed and grafted blood vessels are. This method requires Microsurgery Is.

  • Breast reconstruction with dorsi: In this method of breast reconstruction used dorsi muscles in the lower back. Since the area of ​​the abdomen, lower fat, usually along with grafting dorsi, implantation is performed to better surgical outcomes in terms of appearance.

  • TUG Flap Breast Reconstruction with : This way, the TRAM and DIEP is a new alternative to procedures in which muscle tissue is used in the area along the inside of the thigh below the hip in the. Since in this method the skin, muscle and blood vessel is grafted, is required to perform microscopic surgery.

  • Gluteal flap breast reconstruction with: In this way, a flip of the gluteal region is used in hip. This method requires the use of sophisticated surgical and reconstructive surgery is the most advanced techniques..

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